Panasonic KX-TU155EXRN – Red


2.4-inch screen

Dise ñ or simple &uente; men with large icons.

Bot Emergency Bot


Long wait time

Large and high contrast buttons.


  • Funci &arecuermara: 0.3 megap &ietuxes
  • Display: 2.4 “
  • Secondary Display: No
  • Compatible with HAC (HAC): S &iute;
  • Custom Sound System (Equalizer): No
  • Márcáci &o n audible: No
  • Record &o n with a single touch: S í
  • noise: No
  • Priority call with hands free: Bot &o SOS
  • Free hands-free phone call: S &iaceras
  • LCD screen brightness control: S &iute;
  • Large voice &o; no


The KX-TU155’s bright and see-to-see screen turns its use into a pleasant experience. The letters of the “men”, as well as the “mere information” on the hour and the call, are seen perfectly even without wearing glasses.

Large Tama ñ or


Thanks to its large-tama-lit buttons ñ or, the &aetuerphone m &o. easy to use KX-TU155 has a dise ñ or intuitive for all age groups, which makes marking the number of numbers especially easy, even in the dark.

Funci &oatucn “Priority Call” must-have with hands-free mode

The priority Call function allows you to contact the right people in hands-free mode in case of emergency. Just click on a bot on the phone m &o. vil f &aUteacil to use KX-TU155, the device calls your people self &aUditically. If you skip the answering machine, the phone call &o. call to the next person in the list (up to a maximum of five people you choose).

Compatible with aud &iphones

The &e. vil f &e. easy to use KX-TU155 is allows you to enjoy conversations that are clearly heard at all times, as the device has been used for use with aud í s.

Pr Volume Control &oatectic &oatecn

The volume of the phone m &o. vil f &arecucil to use KX-TU155 is adjusted f &arectly thanks to the volume control bot &o n located at the side of the device. So, with both serious and acute voices, speak for the phone to be a pleasure, and you can do better.

Bright LED light

The bright LED light integrated at the top of the phone m &o. vil f &ausecil to use KX-TU155 is extremely critical. It’s like you’re carrying a flashlight with you at all times, as it gives you light whenever you need it, both when you go home at night and when you look for your glasses in the dark.

Load c &o fashion

Enjoy a load of m &aemacas c óza y de un f &aasicas storage with the load base.

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