About Us

Sound & Vision - At Your Service


Sound & Vision has been the number one electronics retailer on the island of Gozo for more than three decades, building a solid reputation based on efficiency, friendliness and the provision of top quality goods to our valued customers. 

We provide our customers with a wide array of products from home entertainment systems to TVs, smartphones, cameras, gaming consoles as well as home and office gizmos. Our flagship store built on two levels and located in Munxar Road, Victoria, Gozo not only showcases all of our products, but also serves as our base of operation where you can consult our knowledgeable staff who will gladly assist you to make the best choice. 

Online Shop

As retailers of premium electronics brands, our operation has now expanded into the online world where we are catering for the demands of the Gozitan and Maltese market by supplying the best electronics to your front doorstep.

Shop online with confidence, and we promise to deliver the same efficiency, friendliness and quality goods that has been the trademark of our business for two generations!

Our History

With our first shop opening over 40 years ago in 1979 on the corner just off of St. George’s square, Victoria, Gozo - Sound and Vision was officially born. Ten years later, in 1989, the second generation of Sound and Vision outlets were born with a shop opening in St. Francis Square, victoria, Gozo. Since then, the shops have regularly been updated, relocated, expanded and evolved to become the Sound and Vision experience of today.

Sound and Vision today

Owned and operated by brothers Jason and Chris Micallef, Sound and Vision has now become the premiere electronics store on the island of Gozo. Serving clients across the Maltese islands and continually expanding to offer a selection of quality brands backed by excellent service, our goal is to be at the forefront of the latest technological innovations whilst always seeking the best price and quality options for our customers.