Logitech Z200 PC Stereo Speakers


The Logitech Z200 PC Multimedia Speakers give you rich, stereo sound that’s powerful enough to fill a room, with a stylish design that seamlessly fits with any media set up.

Each modern-looking speaker in the pair is built with two 2.5-Inch drivers delivering rich, balanced, stereo sound – with 10 Watt peak power or 5 Watt RMS power that’s loud enough to fill any living space with clear acoustics. With this balanced audio set up is fingertip access to power and volume level controls, perfect for when you’re working at the desk. The stereo speaker set is tuned with added deep bass sounds, including a built-in tone control wheel on the side so you have easy access to customise your listening experience.

These multimedia speakers come with two audio inputs, both 3.5mm lines which fit most smartphones, tablet devices and laptops, giving you instant access to sound and seamless switching between two devices. The integrated headphone jack gives you the freedom to switch between speakers and the privacy of your headphones, great when you need

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