Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W


  • Maximum power as high as 20W. Suitable for any mobile phone that supports QI wireless charging protocol.
  • Electric grip with sensors – Holds tight even on bumpy roads. Comes with a hidden infrared sensor and an electric adjustable grip that automatically opens and holds the approaching phone. Secures your phone on bumpy roads, over speed bumps or when you brake sharply. Step-less adjustment and universal rotation, putting your phone in whatever position you like.
  • Navigate and charge at the same time – No need to plug in or remove case: Begins charging as soon as it touches your phone and allows removal with a single hand when you tap the side button. Effective charging induction distance as far as 4mm, works well with the phone case on.
  • Glamorous round indicator on a curved glass surface – All the brighter, all the mightier: Integrated 2.5D glass charging panel, improving the cooling efficiency and ensuring a fast charge. The round blue indicator will light up when powered on, staying with you even during night drives.
  • Built-in fan and metal thermal pad – Doubled cooling and added protection: The built-in fan is capable of smart adjustment and active cooling based on the temperature.


Xiaomi Mi Wireless Car Charger – Car Holder with Chargers

Convenient loader/grip car Xiaomi Mi wireless car charger. The case is made of high quality PC and is adjustable in width and fits most smartphones. The holder allows for inductor less Qi charging on the road with up to 20W.

Automatic handle – will automatically adjust the width to the smartphone

Forget about attaching uncomfortable cables while driving, a phone with Qi technology just put it lightly on the cradle and a charger with up to 20W will recharge it quickly. The arm suitable for most mobile phones on the market, with wireless charging support. The cradle will comfortably accommodate such smartphones as Xiaomi Mi9, Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone Xs Max.

High power 20W MAX equalizes Xiaomi’s record for super-fast wireless charging

A fast wireless charge with a maximum power of 20W will make your smartphone’s battery charge from 0% to 45% in half an hour and will be fully charged in 90 minutes. The Mi Wireless Car Charger is fully compatible with any smartphone that supports wireless charging and will charge at maximum speed no matter what brand it is.

Electrically matched arm – secure grip

Hidden infrared sensor recognizes the size of the smartphone. It expands and locks automatically. Infinitely variable adjustment from many angles, so you can set up the phone according to your needs.

Dual fan and metal heatsink – multi-level protection

The independent fan in the car charger can intelligently regulate the temperature and cool. Built-in m4etal bracket, fast heat conduction. When charging with high power, double heat dissipation can reduce the temperature of the mobile phone and shorten charging time.

Rapid assembly

The bracket should be attached to the air grille or fixed with the included adhesive base. Standard rod base, flexible silicone protection to prevent damage to the air outlet grille, lighter adapter included. Full compatibility, not only for induction-charged smartphones.

Not just wireless!

Car charger Xiaomi Mi Wireless 20W offers not only wireless charging. If our co-passenger’s smartphone does not support this technology, we can use the included USB-C cable and charge his device. One charger, and how many possibilities.

Modern design

Rounded 2.5D glass serves as a base for the charging panel. The ring-shaped welcome light comes on when the power is switched on and makes it easier to find the handle. The rounded sides improve heat dissipation efficiency and speed up charging.


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