Voyage (Abba)


Voyage (Abba)



Voyage (Abba)

“Voyage” is ABBA’s first album of new material in 40 years, following “The Visitors” (1981).

The album contains all new material except for two tracks. “Just A Notion” is an outtake from “Voulez-Vous”. A snippet of the track was previously included in the medley “ABBA Undeleted”, released on the “Thank You For The Music” box set in 1994. The vocals are from the original 1978 recording, but the instrumentation is re-recorded. “I Still Have Faith In You” has parts of the melody lifted from the Benny Andersson instrumental “Kyssen”, from the 2015 film ‘Cirkeln’. (“Bumblebee” is a completely different song than “Free As A Bumblebee”, another unreleased song in the box set medley.)


I Still Have Faith In You 5:08
When You Danced With Me 2:49
Little Things 3:08
Don’t Shut Me Down 3:59
Just A Notion 3:29
I Can Be That Woman 4:04
Keep An Eye On Dan 4:01
Bumblebee 3:57
No Doubt About It 2:52
Ode To Freedom 3:31