TP-Link Tapo Wi-Fi Smart LED RGB (Singlecolour) Light Strip


  • 【High Brightness & Saturation】The 16.4ft. smart LED strip lighting features customization up to 16 million colors with 2100mcd high brightness & saturation for the best lighting throughout your home.
  • 【Animated Effects w/ 50 Color Zones】The Tapo smart wireless light strip features advanced animated lighting effects, with many different preset effects to choose from. Or create your own preferred lighting effect. A unique lighting experience for your TV, gaming rig, parties, or general ambiance.
  • 【Sync to Sound】Pick up sound through your mobile device and set up the perfect party atmosphere. The lights will sync to the frequency and the beat, creating a mini festival in your own home.
  • 【Complete Control】You can control your LED light strips from anywhere with the Tapo App or with your voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. Control the brightness, change colors, set schedules, set timers, activate away mode, and so much more.
  • 【Protective Coating】Tapo L920-5 comes with a protective PU coating giving the light strip IP44 rated resistance to moisture and dust. This is ideal for settings such as the kitchen where moisture can be an issue for electronics. The LED strip light is highly durable and is designed to last.

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