SHOKZ Openmove White


  • Open Ear Headphones: Experience unmatched comfort with our lightweight, secure fit, with an earbud-free design for all-day listening without ear fatigue.
  • Security and Connection: Stay motivated with your favourite audio without compromising security. Unlike over-ear and in-ear headphones, OpenMove keeps you connected and aware of your surroundings.
  • SECURE FIT – From light jogging to daily commutes, a wraparound titanium frame keeps your bone-conduction headphones in place during a range of low-impact activities.
  • 6 Hours of Music and Calls – Enjoy six continuous hours of music, calls and podcasts on a single charge with our Bluetooth headphones.
  • High sound quality: Enjoy balanced audio, optimal volume and rich bass through your cheekbone, anytime, anywhere with this high-quality OpenMove headset.

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