Panasonic RF-D30BTEG-W White Portable DAB+ FM Bluetooth Radio


Radio fans can receive digital programs freely and with crystal clear sound with the RF-D30BT.


Digital radio in retro chic.

Radio fans can receive digital programs freely and with crystal clear sound with the RF-D30BT. Thanks to splash water protection (IPX4), Bluetooth and mains / battery operation, it is recommended as a kitchen radio and companion for on the go. With the USB charging function for the smartphone, streaming music can easily continue on the DAB+ radio, even with a low mobile phone battery.





Perfect for kitchen, bathroom and on the go.

With its splash-proof design, the RF-D30BT is particularly suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. With its compact shape, it can be placed on the worktop as well as on the windowsill. However, the RF-D30BT not only plays its retro charm at home, but also outdoors and on the go thanks to alternative battery operation.

Very wakened!

Whether you are awakened by your desired radio station in the morning, a reminder of the cake is needed in the oven, or the audiobook turns itself off after falling asleep – comfort functions make everyday life easier. The D30 includes alarm clock, snooze function, sleep timer and short time timer.

Music streaming via Bluetooth.

The D30BT supports wireless music transmission via Bluetooth. Stream your favourite music from your smartphone or tablet to your D30BT with ease. The playback and volume control can also be controlled by pressing a button from your mobile device.

Empty battery?

No problem! The D30BT is equipped with a USB charging function for smartphones. So streaming music can easily continue even with low mobile phone battery. Practical when there are not enough sockets as so often. *

* Not suitable for any mobile phone model. Only for mains operation.

Key Features:

  • Compact DAB+ digital radio in retro design with mains and battery operation
  • Versatile program selection thanks to digital radio (DAB+) and FM radio
  • Bluetooth for comfortable music playback from your smartphone
  • Perfect for the kitchen thanks to splash protection (IPX4) and kitchen timer
  • Wide display with backlight for programme-accompanying texts

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