Metallica (Metallica)


Metallica (Metallica)



Metallica (Metallica)

‘Metallica’ (commonly named ‘the Black Album’ due to its monochrome cover), is the fifth studio album by Metallica, released in August 1991. It marks a shift in the group, as they move from thrash metal to heavy metal with shorter, slower and less complicated songs. Five singles were released from the album: ‘Enter Sandman’, ‘The Unforgiven’, ‘Nothing Else Matters’, ‘Wherever I May Roam’, and ‘Sad but True’ – all of which are considered the bands most well known songs.


Enter Sandman 5:29
Sad But True 5:24
Holier Than Thou 3:47
The Unforgiven 6:26
Wherever I May Roam 6:42
Don’t Tread On Me 3:59
Through The Never 4:01
Nothing Else Matters 6:29
Of Wolf And Man 4:16
The God That Failed 5:05
My Friend Of Misery 6:47
The Struggle Within 3:51


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